Four Top Ranked Cafes For Brunch In Tallahassee Florida

It is time to head to the state capital city of Tallahassee FL and look at some restaurants. With hundreds to choose from, over 600 to be exact, there are some choices to make. You can’t visit them all, at least not all at once. I’m going to handpick four of them that look like great places to eat a meal. That way you have those restaurants tabbed for when you are visiting Tallahassee FL.

Uptown Cafe is the first restaurant, and it is found on Miccosuke Road. That is a memorable road name, and I am always up for a cafe. Uptown Cafe has your sandwiches, breakfast foods, salmon, cakes and you can certainly tell the place has brunch covered. One reviewer raves about how large the pancakes are, and he or she mentioned the mint tea as well.

Let’s go with another cafe, Canopy Road Cafe, and it is located on Apalachee Parkway. There is a picture of some type of cinnamon roll muffin on a top travel site that looks like the most delicious dessert I’ve ever seen. I figured it would be easy enough to figure out what it was called by looking at a few reviews. Nope, Canopy Road Cafe must have an extensive brunch menu because people talk about all kinds of food. I would look out for that muffin though if I were you.

Guess what, this pick is a cafe, too. It is called Black Dog Cafe, and it is located on Lake Ella Drive. This is a coffee shop, which is right up my alley. I always like to find a place to get a unique cup of brew, a latte with a shot of espresso of course. What is your favorite cup of joe?

We stuck with cafes this long, so I’m going to give you one more. Woodchucks Cafe is on West Tharpe Street, and it is cupcakes, corn nuggets, home fries and pretty much everything you would expect from a cafe that serves up brunch. The biscuits and gravy look absolutely delicious in the picture on a travel site.

While in Tallahassee FL, you have four great restaurants to choose from. In fact, all four of them are top ranked cafes. Brunch is a great meal, and cafes are usually good to visit in my opinion. If you are looking to eat a great meal and are in the area of one of these cafes, stop on by.

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